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Visual Storytelling using 2D Animations


We are firm believers in the value of story as the most fundamental form of human communication. Story brings structure and humanity to an otherwise alienating and inchoate collection of facts, features, and benefits. Story will breathe life into your list of bullet points by arranging them into a journey of change and improvement. 2D animation is  great for storytelling because of its flexibility and wide range of stylistic possibilities.

Stories don’t have to be long and boring either.  2D animation companies like Bigartta Group excel at telling compelling stories in 90, 60, 30, or even 15 seconds. These options are attractive for companies that have limited budgets, or brands that have simple messages and don’t want to overstay their welcome. A 2D animated video might be right for you if you want to communicate your message through a classic literary structure featuring a beginning, middle, and end… during which characters change and grow thanks to your product or service.


1. Discovery & Content Strategy

We start with a discovery meeting where we get to know who you are, what you do, why you matter and what you want to say.

2. Video Planning

Here we share with you the creative vision we have for your project. We develop a story arc and visual concept that is both effective and on-budget.

3. Pre-Production

This is where we write the script, create a custom illustration style sample, identify a matching voice-over and then storyboard each scene.

4. Production and Post

The visions have been cast. The decisions have all been made. now it is time to combine all the elements into a finished video.

5. Packaging

The finished video is saved for use across a variety of platforms such as YouTube,Facebook, Instagram, Whats-app and offline sharing.


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