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In order to make the most out of social media, it is always good to monitor what your audience is saying about you, your competitors and market in general. Once you have the data, you can undertake analysis and finally reach social business intelligence, using all these insights to know your customers and improve your marketing strategy. Here are five must have social media monitoring tools to help you get started.

a. Hootsuite

Is the best free social media listening tool because it covers multiple social networks e.g.  Facebook, Twitter, Word press, Instagram, LinkedIn. It gives weekly reports and team management facility. It can be useful when more than one person is handling social media. It can also monitor specific search terms and very important when tracking mentions of your products and services, brand, or relevant keywords you are interested in.

Benefits of Hootsuite

  • Monitors social media streams in one place.
  • Schedules in advance in that it allows you to create social media strategy that encompasses crucial times when postings are read and get more followers to see your content.
  • Enables you to easily view Analytic Data.
  • Enables you to efficiently manage customer service on social media.
  • Team collaboration in that you can add multiple team members on social media accounts and monitor what each member is posting.

Create a free account with Hootsuite HERE:

b. Brand watch Analytics

This tool can track anything from your channels to hashtags, specific phrases and keywords you want to look at. You can set it to track very specific topic with customized query builder and get data from Twitter, Blogs, Instagram, Facebook, Google+. It also has an ability to build custom dashboards and views plus analytical components e.g. demographs.

Benefits of Brand Watch Analytics

  • It gives demographic data that shows gender, age, and location etc. of your audience.
  • Has Image Analysis that lets you find images containing your Brand Logo.
  • Has an ability to add preferred sites to collect mentions from.
  • Has a possibility to identify trending topics in your industry.

Create an account with Brandwatch  HERE:

c. Boardreader

In social media platforms forums and messaging boards count too. Boardreader allows you to search for specific terms on range of different forums to see when people talk about you and what they are saying. By just keying in a word you will get information that you can use to generate charts to look for trends, and compare with each other.

Benefits of Boardreader

  • Brands can see their products/ services on thousands of forums and threads.
  • Forum activity can easily be followed.
  • Brand can use analytic suite to know your brand popularity.


Create an account with Boardreader  HERE:

d. Howsociable

It measures you and your competitor’s social media presence. It also allows you track 12 social media sites e.g. Facebook, Instagram Word press etc. and can go to upto 24 sites. It breaks down scores for different social media platforms and you can identify which one works for you.

Benefits of Howsociable

  • It calculates brand impact score using a sample that gives you a view on the parts of the social web where 60% of activity takes place.
  • Draws attention to the parts of the web you might be neglecting and indicate where your efforts have had most efforts.
  • Gives you information that you need as quickly and simply as possible.
  • It’s flexible in that it has a free version to help one be supper useful.

Create an account with Howsociable  HERE:

e. Mention

It monitors millions of sources in 42 different languages helping you stay on top of your brand mention on social media networks. It also helps you track your teams actions, share alerts and assign tasks.

Benefits of Mention

  • Hash tags that allows you organize your mention.
  • Has an ability to build your own custom reports and automate delivery.
  • Enables you integrate and send latest mention to your channels.

Create an account with Mention  HERE:


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