Alseyee Bio limited


Recognizing the need for quality and affordable healthy foods, Alseyee bio en-devours to provide very high-quality authentic health foods to its customers affordable and reliably.
Alseyee Bio is a health and nutrition foods company based in Nairobi Kenya that sources, packs and distributes various health foods including spirulina, tamarind, moringa, black seed, baobab, cashew nuts, and natural honey.

The solutions

To achieve Alseyee Bio’s branding needs, we developed ;
1) Branding strategy 
This included creating a unique logo, stationery, packaging, and marketing materials for their products.

2) Packaging Design and Marketing Materials
For their products, we made packaging and marketing materials and we also supported them with best practices for branding and the most effective solutions for their branding needs.

3) Website Design and Development
And finally, we set them up with an online presence for them. This involves;
Providing them with fast and reliable hosting and a domain name and official emails.
We set up an e-commerce responsive website that was integrated with quality product photos, Integration to their social networks, and easy management with the website integrated to the mobile phone and  M-Pesa payment  for check out

The result was a long-term business relationship that led to the exponential growth of the Alseyee Bio Brand.


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