May 17, 2019Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search ranking success  is measured against a variety of qualifiers,some base on success on sales, website visits and website design.In today’s digital world, if your website search engine rankings aren’t on the first page, there is a chance users wont find you.Therefore it is important to do everything you can to improve your website search rankings. Below are factors that affect your website search rankings:

Quality Content

It plays critical role when it comes to ranking of websites. To achieve this you should continue creating  relevant and quality content that will help your clients visit your website. Remember well written and topically relevant content optimized for search engines is the key to bringing in traffic and outperforming the competition.

Quality Links

Get Backlinks from quality websites that are relevant to your website.Backlinks- is when a web page is linked to any other page. For example if you are dealing with clothing, create links from clothing website. You should get links from relevant sites in order to help your website rank better, fast and get referral traffic. Proper link building takes time but also helps cultivate an invaluable online reputation.

 Responsive Design

Your website should be usable and readable on mobile devices for the search engines to send users to your site. A responsive website is one that is able to offer excellent experience on all devices e.g mobile phones, desktops etc. This is useful because it enables users to access your website anytime, anywhere.

Site Speed and Performance

Site speed and performance plays a crucial role in SEO and search rankings.Anything from compressing images,leveraging browser caching or reducing redirects can affect your site speed and performance. Your site should not take long to load.Most users don’t like waiting long for a page to load and this makes them leave the site immediately. Technologies like Google AMP have been designed to solve this problem especially on mobile phones.

Schema Markup

This is a code put on website to enable search engines to provide users with relevant, accurate and useful results.It gives better description to the content on the webpage e.g Product, Services. For example google may pick information from your website, present it to the users in a custom manner which increases traffic.SEO is a new concept to most industries in Kenya therefore it is an opportune time to invest in this digital marketing. The best way to claim your market share is by positioning(Ranking) your business on page one of search engine results.

Local SEO Citations

Many companies forget to utilize local SEO citations and opportunities.Something as simple as adding and verifying your business with google can jump you to the top of local search results. Take advantage of whatever local SEO citations you can.


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