What is Content Marketing and Why it’s Important

Aug 20, 2019Content Marketing, Digital Marketing

Content Marketing is the  strategy of creating and sharing free valuable content to create interest and influence you audience.Content Marketing has been around for a long time.Instead of pitching your products or services, you are providing truly relevant and useful content to your prospects.The content you provide should be able to help them solve their issues. Below are some of the reasons why content marketing is important for your business:

1. Content marketing builds brand awareness:

This is the best and the most effective way of building brand awareness to targeted audiences. If done correctly, right content can do wonders by increasing relevant traffic to your website. Video content is preferred more for brand awareness as it helps the user know exactly what are your services and products. The more likely people know about your business the more likely they are to bring you business.

2. Content marketing generate leads for your business:

Businesses always need new leads to generate revenue and to keep the business going on.It helps your business to be found easily by users on the internet.People refer your to website content before they decide to even buy your products or even avail to your services. Therefore great content will definitely lead to business.

3. Content helps build links:

Great content will make other websites want to link with your website. This will enable your website get a huge traffic hence improving your search ranking.If websites with high Domain Authority score and Page Authority score links with yours then you can expect a high website traffic.This in fact also increases your Page Authority.

4. Content educates your audience:

Content should be designed to educate your audience. With informative content, you are not only providing them with what they need but also building a strong relationship with them in the process. People only revisit website that have relevant content to them and they can trust.

5. Content is shareable:

Content is shareable across social media networks.This makes it easy to market your products or services to wider range of people.All of these help grow your brand by exposing your name and earning traffic. Examples of commonly used social networks are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,WhatsApp,Pinterest etc

6. Content marketing makes you an industry expert:

When you create content for your site, you’re telling the world that you understand your industry. Demonstrating your expertise goes a long way especially when your content start earning links. Ones your audience trusts your brand, you will see the surge of revenue that follows.

7. Content marketing decreases marketing costs:

Content marketing only costs time.It’s incredibly cost-effective, and even better,it offers compounding returns.At first it will not yield much results but as time goes by one starts seeing the results.Content marketing is inexpensive, safe, available for anyone in any industry, and beneficial in many different areas.

In conclusion Content Marketing is here to stay for a very long time. With increasing competition between businesses, it will grow at a faster pace. In fact, online Content Marketing will be the deciding factor between the success and the failure of a business as it is a digital marketing solution, which one cannot simply skip if they need to succeed


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