Jun 7, 20192D Animation

2D animation is also known as ‘ Motion graphics’, it’s a form of audio visual production combining graphics and texts in a form of a video.Businesses have embraced 2D animation for their marketing. Therefore it is important to invest on ways to keep your marketing on point.Why would a tool that has been popular in kids TV make such an impact on business world?

1. Capture and hold attention

2D animation has been successful with children because it grabs their attention.Animated graphics are eye catching and makes the content interesting to watch. This is effective because your company’s SEO will go up due to the increased traffic to the animations.

2. Easy Communication

Animation communicates more easily to a wider range of audiences. When information is presented in a visual format, audiences understand the information better and start  to process it more quickly. This makes communication of complex topics more easy to understand to audiences.

3. Deep Engagement

2D animation is a mix of graphics, texts and voice overs that stimulates and engages the brain differently. This helps the viewer to process and understand information more effectively. Animation establishes stronger connection between the viewer and the company or the individual presenting the information.Once a viewer experiences something memorable, the creators of this memorable experience already have an edge over competition.

4. Shareable

People share content that they find informative and interesting.Most content shared online through social media are images and videos. 2D animation are a combination of images and text information in and easy to understand video package that is shareable.

5. Simplify Information

2D animation simplifies and summaries a lot of information. What you will take time to explain is demonstrated with moving images. This help to fix the attention of your audience to the message you want to pass. Due to its versatility it can be used to communicate almost any type of information. It simplifies messages while also staying true to your company’s brand.


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